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The Seventh Seal

I was going to post this on February 9th

It’s around 4 years since we stopped watching movies or TV on a regular basis, but the Seventh Seal was free on HULU  so I prayed for permission to watch it. I remember watching it as a kid. I’m not condoning that you watch it but you can see why people think the way they do.

While the enemy has it’s fingerprints in the film we see some valid reasons why people are deluded into not believing in the salvation of Jesus and the Goodness of God. Plus remember it is God that send us the strong delusions.

1. Apostate Clergy. Not just hirelings, but people knowing they are evil doer’s. Just like what Jesus and his Apostles warn us about. 2 Cor 11:13

2. People truly wishing to do things pleasing to God but getting misled by the Apostates and the prevailing world view. They couldn’t read the Bible for themselves, which with .5 %  to 10% literacy rate in the 1290′s depending who you believe, you can see why.They had to trust what a man of the cloth told them. We are lucky we have the word of God to read for ourselves.

Maybe that’s why Jesus hates the Nicolaitans. Revelation 2:6

Sheep need a good Shepherd or they are led into the mouths of wolves. Luke 10:3

3. The Terribleness of God’s correction, of a land/Nation(s) in corporate judgment. Genesis 6:11

4. People with a child like love and view were spared, (in the film & Jesus says we must be like children)  Matthew 18:3

Are we back to the 1290′s again?  Visit Wikipedia and see some striking similarities:

Where is mercy today? Mercy from God still abounds, The Christ, Jesus of Nazareth still forgives and is the only way to heaven, if you repent or are striving for repentance, forgive and believe in him and that God sent him and believe in the works of his Apostles Jesus the Christ is actually praying for you. I’m talking about mercy from men.

Also out of respect or some for or some form of unction for the current pope resigning. I took off a personal note from my last post. If anyone would like to know contact me personally.