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Evidence of Hacker, Corporate, or Government infringing upon constitutional rights.

I created my fist web page in 1993 for a business, and have worked for or run my own internet company since 1997,

I know what I’m talking about on the technical evidence below:

While going online to broadcast my weekly Internet radio show on  To spread the word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ a hacker, Corporation or government agency infringed on my constitution right of free speech and religions freedom.

“The First Amendment to the United States Constitution codifies the freedom of speech as a constitutional right. The Amendment was adopted on December 15, 1791. The Amendment states:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Although the text of the Amendment prohibits only the United States Congress from enacting laws that abridge the freedom of speech, the Supreme Court used the incorporation doctrine in Gitlow v. New York (1925) to also prohibit state legislatures from enacting such laws.”

This is serious,

Technical evidence of Hacker, Corporate or Governmental interference.

Exhibit one error denying secure access to Radio Show:

click to enlarge

Exhibit two spoofed AKA faked SSL certificate less then a year old:

CN =
O = “Akamai Technologies, Inc.”
L = Cambridge
C = US
Modulus (2048 bits):
af b6 53 2b 2d c3 5b 51 30 95 f9 fb 56 a9 4d b9
33 31 e8 ba 34 ac ef 79 c0 de ea 23 f9 33 d6 f4
65 72 bd ab 51 88 38 1b 3e fd cc a7 4a 95 72 00
23 e9 b8 40 af 7e fc 04 e5 56 97 b7 c5 d0 3e 4c
58 da cd f0 e7 cd 65 dd 9f de df 5d ee 12 56 7e
bd 89 10 a0 75 0f 98 5f e4 07 a3 19 f9 2d 18 e3
bc 53 a8 01 b7 66 45 16 06 be 38 74 77 a6 ba 3c
21 69 70 fd 70 07 c7 2f 1f a3 e8 c5 62 0f c6 5e
c6 67 54 6b 39 68 0e 25 81 9e 11 11 d8 f1 4e 4a
fb e8 43 97 69 f0 79 c4 9c e5 e1 56 3f ab 4e 22
22 f4 27 b3 9a 8f c7 13 27 81 e1 f8 b7 3c b9 4a
68 81 5f 9b 56 b1 ad 87 38 06 61 60 2c 95 79 57
6d ec a8 55 41 86 9f dd 9e 8a 75 17 cb 63 c0 85
18 19 b4 16 a8 33 67 20 43 b8 ed 02 23 18 e8 72
8c 23 df 71 30 c5 5e 58 ef b8 74 10 53 5e e3 ef
a3 f4 f0 2c 4e da 9c b6 18 ec 0b 1f 26 77 6f b7

Exponent (24 bits):

 So what does this all mean?

Well either the page with log in ssl has been added to a CDN network without the administrators knowledge of how SSL trust levels work or it was a willfull attempt to stop me by someone in the chain of severing the Internet content to block my broadcast radio show. If it only happened to me then it’s intentional, however I have some trace routes to an interim connection that I have not made public at the moment that are disturbing.

A Warning to all evil doers:

God sees all and there still honest men in women in authority and what has been done here has major implications. Repent and make amends.